Who are we?

Behind pdmObject stands a team of people and companies with a long experience from various parts of the IT-business.


Per-Olof Nilsson, more than 3 decades of different positions in the CAD, PDM, and PLM-industries.  Currently managing the pdmObject activities.  Check Per-Olof’s profile at LinkedIn.



Lars Bergqvist, many years of experience from global marketing of IT-Products. Check Lars’ profile at LinkedIn. Besides pdmObject, Lars is managing the marketing of BIMcontact, a similar Product specifically made for the construction industry.



  patrik-svanerudh red

Patrik Svanerudh, CEO of Designtech AB, the company developing iCoordinator, the product upon which pdmObject is based.



What is the history behind pdmObject?

In the beginning of 2015 Lars, Patrik and Per-Olof met to discuss how the new version of iCoordinator could support different industry branches. BIMcontact existed for the Construction industry since a few years back and we decided to investigate how iCoordinator could be used for the manufacturing industry in general. PDM and PLM systems have been the choice for many industries to keep track of documents and other Product files. Most of these systems are based on traditional IT-techniques and they share a heavy IT and consultancy footprint and consequently the cost of ownership is high.

At the same time we realized that the Label and Smart Folder features of iCoordinator could be used to add meta data and technical attributes to Product files. Together with the extended security capabilities in iCoordinator this lead to the birth of pdmObject.


pdmObject is operated by Swedish registered Company Ivann Trading and Consulting AB.