pdmObject offers an Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution for Product Data Management (PDM).

There are a number of EFSS solutions available on the market. They typically support file synchronization and sharing, some of them across multiple device platforms. There is however an increasing need from business users to support enterprise level of permission control and meta data handling.

When EFSS systems become business critical parts of the company’s IT architecture, the requirements for higher security and more advanced features increase. For design, engineering and manufacturing companies the management of product data (PDM) is a business critical task.

As there are often strict rules and regulations on the geographical location where business critical data is stored, there is also a demand for hybrid cloud options in EFSS solutions. pdmObject is an EFSS solution based on iCoordinator. iCoordinator is developed to meet the needs to have control over sensitive business data while supporting requirements for secure storage, easy accessibility and collaboration.


How does pdmObject support PDM?

Product Hierachies

Documents and other files related to parts, assemblies, systems, manufacturing units etc can be organized in hierachies. The Smart Folder concept enables definitions of permanent or ad hoc views (file lists) on the product data.

Meta Data and Technical Attributes

Files and folders can be supplied with any number of meta data and technical attributes through the Label function. Creation and addition of new Labels is easily done through the user interface by the Portal Administrator.

Version and Revision Handling

The built in version handling mechanism enables storing and reactivation of previous versions of files. Revisions of documents can be defined.


The controlled sharing of files across the main device platforms is the basis for collaboration. The Label and Smarts Folders features are other examples of why pdmObject is an efficient collaboration tool.


Reuse of Data

The ability to efficiently reuse product data is important for the productuvity and quality of the product development work. A well planned usage of Labels makes it possible to search for parts, articles, components etc through a vast amount of product documents and files. In the same way, standard component libraries can be created using Labels and Smart Folders.

BOM, Reporting

A central part of product data management is the ability to build, manage and issue BOMs (Bill Of Material), often in close connection with the CAD- and ERP-systems. The ease and flexibility in the pdmObject Label function enables a BOM-handling directly connected with the organisation and management of product data files. Thus, all relevant product data can be stored and managed via one single tool.


Configuration Management, Baselining

Some companies have the requirement to define and handle different configurations of the basic product. It could be choise of different product options, handling of effectivity dates for certain part etc. The pdmObject Label and Smart Folders can be configured to support these requirements.

Display of Different File Types

iCoordinator has built in support for display of appr. 300 file types.


Since product data is a central and business critical function for many companies it is essential that the tools to handle the data are well integrated with other IT-tools like Planning, CAD, Materials Mangement, Purchasing, etc. pdmObject can be connected to other systems via an application programming interface (api).


iCoordinator Basic Features (all available via pdmObject)

Secure Document Management

With the unique concept of Portal and Workspaces, iCoordinator™ offers businesses cloud-based secure Portals to store all their business data files. Within the Portal, the storage areas are divided into Workspaces followed by folders and files with their own access rights. A Workspace can represent a department in the organization, an area for a customer, a place for suppliers, a project or a group within a department.

Access to a Portal is restricted by invitation. With different levels of permissions for read and edit on a user as well as group level, businesses can ensure that individual users and groups only see what they are allowed to see.

With support for viewing several hundreds of file types through the built-in document viewer, having files arranged in a familiar structure for easy navigation and access possibility from different devices, businesses can create, store, share and collaborate on files in a secure way.

Platform Integration

With the Windows och Mac OS X native integration, iCoordinator™ synchronizes all the files securely and automatically between the desktop and the iCoordinator™ web interface folders.

The integration allows users to have the files available offline to work with while they are not connected to Internet and get the files synched automatically the moment they are online again.

■ Windows och Mac OS X native integration

■ Fast and reliable synchronisation

■ Offline file management

File Organization and Management

Having the ability to add labels to files and folder and to generate different file listing views through Smart folders, iCoordinator™ allow users to easily categorize and organize files.

For example by using a simple label of “Reviewed”, all the reviewed files can be automatically presented in a Smart Folder with that label criteria.

This enables easy workflows where documents associated with particular labels can be automatically routed and presented to the appropriate users.

In order to make the file management easier, iCoordinator™ allows users to add files to a particular Workspace or a folder on the Portal by sending email with attachements.



Users can easily share file links with external users who are not members of the Portal. With file level read och edit permission settings, only the permitted users will have the possibility to read or edit the files.

The availability of files on mobile devices provides users access to the files from anywhere and the possibility to share them while they are travelling allowing them to collaborate with others at any time.

 Safe Contents Management

iCoordinator™ enables businesses to take control of their contents in many ways. Granular level permission makes sure that only the relevant users see what they are allowed to see.The audit trails of the file events and access right changes ensure that the administrators can verify the folders and files added and modified on the Portal.

As far as the individual user is concerned, files can be locked, preventing them from any further changes.

The automatic version control ensures that the user is working on the latest version of the file, but never loses access to earlier file versions.


pdmObject Shares all the Key Benefits of iCoordinator

■ Meets the data security requirements for having a secure document management environment with safe and secure management of access rights.

■ Improves collaboration and business productivity through secure file sharing with people inside and outside the organization.

■ Increased user access level control within the organization with the unique concept of Portal and Workspaces.

■ Higher productivity and convenience by having offline access to files with Windows and Mac OS X native integration.

■ Better organization and efficient handling of files with Labels and Smart Folders.

■ Easy file management by having the ability to upload files over email.

■ Traceability and accountability of file handling with file audit trails.


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